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Per Head Sports Betting Software

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We have been per head bookie agents since 2010, we’ve helped thousands of bookies go on to launch successful PPH sites and Sportsbetting careers.  Try out 3 Per Head  as a bookie agent and see yourself the service we provide.

Get the best per head sports betting software in the sportsbook business. Turn into a smarter bookie

Our flexible and fully customizable per head sports betting software, complete with a full portfolio of gaming products and online administration of player's

Why Per Head

If you are wondering why Per Head as opposed to other competitors, let us tell you about our experience. For 25 years, PerHead has been operating in Costa Rica in the online gambling and sportsbook industry. We have gathered significant experience  and worked with thousands of clients. Hands-on knowledge we have and the countless success stories we’ve been a part of is testament to our professionalism.

So why 3 Per Head? You secure access to a plethora of information, experience, and solutions based on more than 25 years of being in the online sportsbook industry.


Our software is scalable and flexible because our work in the sector has told us what it takes to succeed. We are also ready to adapt our offerings to suit your specific needs.

Our service, including customer service, response time, cost, setup timescales, and flexibility, means we are the only logical choice for sports betting and casino entrepreneurs.

Jump start your Sportsbook business with 3PerHead. 

Per Head Bookie Software and Online Gaming Products

Yes. If you’re interested in how to become a online bookie, you should know the most successful tend to have these traits:

  • An understanding of sports and sports history.
  • Experience with sports betting or at least a general understanding.
  • A willingness to read and learn about sports, sports betting and pay per head tools that will make your bookie business a success.
  • A knack for numbers and accounting
  • Relationship management skills; emotional IQ is important in any business but maybe especially in the sports betting industry.

Pay per head is the payment model used by online bookie software. It means that you pay a set price per player in your book each week. For example, at PayPerHead.com we start at $3 per head depending on the upgrade features you desire in your platform.

PerHead Sportsbook

Top-quality customer service, and the best sports betting perhead software. Our broad wagering menu is designed to satisfy the expectations of bettors worldwide.

Per Head Casino

Bring the rush of online casino games to your customer. We offer fair gaming casino products designed for per head bookies looking to cash in 24 hours a day, all year round.

Live Betting

Give your players the opportunity to bet on games live. Our odds adjust in real time results. Live betting is offered for a huge variety of world sports, highly profitable betting option.


We’re talking about bringing your players non stop horse racing year-round for them to enjoy. Our per head racebook software is easy to use, and can be customized easily to meet your desired configurations.


Bookies need to be agile and to adapt quickly to the evolving world of sports betting. Our Prop Builder lets your players’ build their own custom prop bets!


Do you have a casino software but find you are lacking a sports perhead betting software solution? Are you tired of dealing with your current sports betting payperhead software provider? Are you a reseller? Contact us today.

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