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PerHead | PPH at $3 PayPerHead Price Per Player / Week Sportsbook Bookie Software


Benefits of Per Head Bookie Software

When considering opening your own betting sportsbook, you might be weighing which is the best way to get started. Options typically include going with a custom-built site, perhead software, online game integration, branding, and all the rest, or per head bookie software. For solo bookies or small to medium betting websites, it makes sense to go for per head bookie software, being cheaper, quicker, and easier.

But what else is great about per head bookie software from 3PerHead?


PerHead Bookie Software


Pay Per Head Bookie Software
PayPerHead Bookie, Casino and Sportsbook Gambling for Gaming

Pay Per Head Bookie Software. Our software is easy to use, customizable (agent & player), and is the same used by big firms. We have all the tools and work with the best perhead software & feeds provider.

Best Low Price Service for just $3 perhead week per active player.

As a 3 PerHead Agent, you control your lines from the agent master account. You can move/ move & follow or hide any line, league or entire sport. If you call our call center, we can also move your lines instantly! Just let us know what you need

Live betting around the clock for all major sports events. We offer live betting solutions that will set you apart from the rest. Your clients will be able to wager on events while they are in progress and different options.

As a pay per head agent, you need a sportsbook solution that will give you the knowledge and warning signs. We offer lines manager sharp check, free live steams & injuries reports, bet email notifications, bet tickers, max money lines and tight casino profiles.

Getting Started

PPH PayPerHead Bookie & Sportsbook Software

3PerHead offers unlimited action in both casinos: Digital & Live Casino. Every hand is recorded and accessible for the agent to review and monitor these great features. Check our comparison chart.

3 PerHead.com it’s here to offer a state of the art racebook with all USA track as well as many others track from different parts of the world. An accurate and agile software with many customizations features which will put you on the driver’s seat.

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