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Choosing The Best Pay Per Head Bookie Services


So far, you can tell that the service is beneficial to agents for it saves much of their time and resources in making a sportsbook. In addition to that, PPH service provides the agent with the necessary software, technology, and security. Therefore, as an agent, you can organize and grow your business in a fashionable way while making numerous offers that make your services competitive in a difficult industry. Another plus, when using the service, is the fact that you will not have to worry about human resources tasks such as recruitment, supervision, or remuneration for this is your service provider’s responsibility. The fact that the service provider covers the day to day activities leaves you with ample time to settle and focus on other things that might improve your performance, such as finding new clients.


Before indulging in the PPH service, you need to understand the downside to remain prepared and aware of possible drawbacks. When it comes to customized services, limitations will arise depending on the PPH service you choose, as well as the software used. If you plan to run a large operation with special requirements and conditions, then rest assured that you will experience issues, and it would be better if you establish your own office. Otherwise, if you play by the rules of your service provider, there is nothing to worry about. Another downside in PPH service is choosing an unequipped and unreliable service provider who will end up providing low-quality service. Note that there is numerous pay per head companies out there, and you should choose the best such as realbookies. In most cases, the selection process will involve conducting research checking out the reviews and testing the service.

Choosing The Right PPH Service

When it comes to choosing the right service provider, study the options that you have, and test them depending on your budget and needs. Note that your choice is vital in determining the direction and success of your business and that you are about to leave it on the hands of a third party to offer services and conduct operations. So take your time and be picky in choosing one of the top five service providers that best fit and adapt to your budget and requirements. The following are some of the considerations you should make in the process.

  • Ensure that the service provider uses a reputable software that is easy to use for customers and allows customizations.

  • Inquire about confidentiality, security procedures, backups, and firewalls associated with the technological advancements of the service provider.

  • Check whether the site has simple directions and tabs with a design and skin that matches your preferences. Also, the site should be compatible in both desktop computers and mobile devices.

  • The fact that the site has an opportunity to grow makes it appropriate for you to ensure that you incorporate other features such as casino and Racebook.

  • The service provider should have experienced and knowledgeable staff from line managers to agents. They should also have quality customer service.

Ensure that you know what you are getting into as you run tests in different hours to test the efficiency of the PPH bookie services. Besides, understand the payment methods as most of them could prove tricky with some service providers charging ridiculous and unrealistic amounts.

Consider the Pay Per Head software provider as your partner who allows you to grow with them. In this case, the service provider should meet your requirements and make realistic offers that mean to uplift you. In effect, you should make the necessary considerations and choose the best PPH service provider.

 In effect, you should make the necessary considerations and choose the best PayPerHead PPH Software service provider.
Pay Per Head


The term pay per head (PPH) is self-explanatory, as it means that you pay for every client you have. Generally, agents experience demanding and growing client base, making them look for a way in which they can offer better services. However, they may not make it up for the money and time needed to set up a sportsbook. For that reason, they find the pay per head bookie as the ultimate alternative as it helps run the business and charges depending on the number of players that are active weekly. PPH considers occasional players as well as those who only bet on certain sports and offers customized packages to the agents.Pros and Cons of Using The PPH Service

Pay Per Head Software for Agents & Players

  • 3 In-Game Live Wagering Apps.
  • Phone Clerks Standing By
  • Phone Recordings Included
  • Lottery From  All U.S. States
  • Live Dealer Casino Included
  • Prop Builder
  • Live Wagering & Premium Prop Betting
  • Only $3 Per Head Per Active Player Per Week
Pay Per Head

PerHead Specifications:

Pay Per Head

PayPerHead Provider with all the Gaming Tools and best Per Head Sportsbook Bookie Software Betting Feeds.

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