Race Book

Horse races are held at the racetrack, a closed loop track that is usually an oval. There are several levels of races, which will have an impact on the prize that the jockey and the horse's stable or trainer will win. The course changes from one race to another, and can reach up to 4,000 meters, although the most important races are run over 2,000 meters. As for the horses, Thoroughbreds are usually used, although Akhal Teke or Quarter Horses can also participate.

Aunque hay varias modalidades de carreras de caballos, por norma general nos encontramos con dos tipos de apuestas a caballos: flat o llanas y de obstáculos. Las carreras de galope plano o flat son las más populares a la hora de apostar, y se celebran en un terreno liso -de césped o arena-, sin ningún tipo de obstáculos o inclinaciones por lo que el caballo puede galopar a la máxima velocidad posible. El gran Derby de Kentucky, en EEUU, o el Royal Ascot de Inglaterra, son los ejemplos más conocidos.

Types of horse betting

Generally speaking, there are two types of horse betting. On the one hand we have the simple bets, where only one horse is involved, and on the other hand we find the combined bets where several horses are involved. In total there are 9 types of bets, the first 4 simple and the rest combined:

  • Winner: bets on the horse that crosses the finish line first.

  • Winner/placed: double bet on the horse to win or to finish second, third or even fourth (depending on the bookmaker's rules).

  • Second: bets on the horse finishing first or second.

  • Third: bets on the horse finishing first, second or third. The payout is based on the dividend of the third place, regardless of the final result of the horse.

  • Exact: bets on the first and second place finishers of the race in that order.

  • Imperfect: bets on the first and second place finishers of the race regardless of the order.

  • Trifecta: bets on the exact order of the first three positions.

  • Quadrifecta: bets on the exact order of the first four positions.

  • Twin: bets on two horses that will occupy the first and second positions. If there are less than 6 participants, the order must be exact.